Facial Alignment

  • You may have a good bite but not an aligned jaw.
  • You may need both a bite correction and jaw alignment.
  • Corrective jaw surgery can align your jaws and bite while it improves your nose, cheeks. lips and chin shape.
  • You can improve your jaw clicking (TMJ problems) with correction of your jaw relationship.
  • Our goal is not only bringing your teeth together, your whole face must be balanced at the end.
  • Your face need to be aligned in all 3 dimensions. 
  • Jaw deformities include Underbite appearance, Overbite appearance, Chin deficiency, Protruded Chin/Jaw, Gummy Smile, Facial Asymmetry in front view, bird's eye view, side view, or a combination of the above.
  • We make your treatment plan by taking a 3D CT scan of your face and the most modern technology of Virtual Surgical Planning.
  • We are highly experienced. Our office has one of the highest numbers of jaw surgeries in California.
  • We only do jaw corrections and TMJ treatments to be focused and consistent. 

Clinical Professor and Former Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at USC.

Lecturer and Clinical Instructor at UCLA.

 Over 30 Years of Experience with Jaw Deformities.


​Ventura Jaw Surgery and TMJ


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